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Nissan NV 200 Models:(All Years)
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Chevy City Express Models:(All Years)
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Mercedes Sprinter 144 Models:(2006 - 2022)
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Ford Transit Cargo/Crew Models:(2013 - 2022)
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Ford Transit Passenger Models:(2006 - 2022)

Book your Thumbtack support

Our kits are designed to be put together with just a screwdriver, but if you need support or just don't have the time then please book a Thumbtack 'handyman' to help with the installation. Our VanLab kits are assembled much like flat-pack furniture such as IKEA is assembled, so any Thumbtack support that has experience with this will be able to help you.

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The kits are quick and easy to assemble but depending on how handy you are with an electric screwdriver will depend on your speed of progress. On average the below amount of total time will be needed, some people spread this over a couple of days and some people hammer through it, some people do it alone, some with a friend. You do you!

1 — 2 days

2 — 3 days

3 — 4 days

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