Configure your van

Transform your van in a few hours

Maximised space and functionality

The VanLab Kit is a flat-pack DIY conversion kit for your van that has been thoughtfully designed to maximise space and functionality. Every piece is labeled with an engraving that corresponds to your instruction manual so it couldn't be easier to screw together and self install. We only create one layout per van model and we aim to provide the essentials needed in a conversion to allow you to hit the road sooner. So this will always mean our kits include; a floor, bed, kitchen and table to eat / work from. All of this is then shipped to your in a specially designed durable crate to protect your kit. This also allows us to be both fully plastic free and also waste conscious as our ZERO packaging crate is then turned into your very own complimentary design furniture... But you'll have to buy a kit to find out what it is! 

If you can put together other flat-pack furniture then you can definitely do this, it's literally just screws...

Smart Storage

Every VanLab kit is designed to hold everything you need for self-containment, so you can put a porta-pottie cleverly tucked away in a dedicated location. VanLab kits are guaranteed to give you the space to store everything you need, whilst prioritizing a spacious feel. The bench heights have been specifically designed to provide an ergonomic kitchen layout which is equally comfortable sitting inside or standing depending on the roof height you have.

Multi purpose bed & table

The VanLab kit maximises the bed size for our different vans which for the SMALL kit takes just 30 seconds to convert to or from a bed to a living room without having to go outside. Just lift the table and drop it into place. For our MEDIUM & LARGE kits the bed is fixed and provides a Queen Double size. The VanLab kit also has a lot of storage for all your items and these can be stored in various cabinets that are enclosed so there’s no need to move things around to get to what you need.

The kitchen is fixed to the side of the van on the driver side. We did this as having it on the passenger side makes the interior space feel much more claustrophobic and less spacious. We designed it to maximise both the worktop / cooking area and storage facilities underneath. The ergonomic precision of the bench heights and cupboards allow you to cook comfortably whether sitting or standing. 

The worktop can be customized by you on our ‘Kits’ page by adding if you’d like a pre-cut hole for a fridge / cooler or even adding a hole for a sink too. Some people may prefer to just have the maximum worktop space and if that is you then you are able to select ‘Blank Top’ prior to purchase.

All the utilities such as battery, fuse boards, wiring, fresh/grey water storage, bin, fridge etc. have dedicated locations which can be easily accessed when required. A toilet can be easily stowed under the bench or in the garage depending on which kit. It cannot be seen during the day but is easily accessible with the bed down and can be removed from the van effortlessly.

The Vans

Typically, already converted vans have high kms and a poor service history due to their short term ownership. To minimise any surprise, who will offer a 3-month warranty by law. If buying privately a pre-purchase inspection is a good idea.

Nissan NV 200
Chevy City Express

Mercedes Sprinter 144

Ford Transit Cargo/Crew