Bespoke fit for:
Chevy Express / GMC Savana 155”
Models:(1996 - PRESENT)
Van Type
Kit Type
Integrated Wiring Loom

Introducing our first ever kit for the Chevy Express / GMC Savana vans!

As with all our kits it has been designed to maximise the use of one of the smaller spaces, whilst maintaining a large comfy bed with generously sized kitchen. This kit for the 155” wheelbase allows you to eat, sleep and work (if you have to!) in the comfort of your van with a little extra space and storage than the smaller 135” wheelbase van, adding an extra bulkhead of space to the cargo cabinets, with a slightly larger kitchen and a bigger bed.

The bed on this kit sits at a comfy 73 1/2” long x 59” wide sleeping across the van from East to West so if size matters in a bed this is ideal for you to comfortably sleep whilst maintaining a roomy kitchen and living area.

The kit is again designed to be compatible with ALL roof sizes, so if you have the Low roof which is typical for this model we have designed the bed to allow for enough room to be able to comfortably sit up without compromising on storage space underneath in the garage. If you have a High roof added the kit works just as well, with all kitchen surface heights designed to be compatible.

As with ALL our kits, the kit is fully removable and has nothing permanently fixed to the interior, meaning that you can change your vehicle at any time and just remove and transfer your kit with you.

ALL our kits are made using the finest 9-ply ½” Baltic Birch Plywood, crafted to maximise durability versus cheaper alternatives whilst keeping weight to a minimum.
*Imagery is from the Chevy Express 135” Passenger van so please note the bed is little longer than in images.

The kit includes:

East to West Sleeping - 71” Long x 59” Wide

Cushion – If selected
The mattress cushion fits a bed that is closest to a FULL size bed, see above dimensions. It also includes a bench seat cushion.

Fridge/Cooler capacity
Up to 47 L capacity – front-loading and built into the kitchen unit
Recommended compatible fridge here.

Tables (x3)
One accessible from above the fridge, two pull-out tables from above the bed for us with the bench seat.
Integrated Wiring Loom includes:
  • Switches wiring 
  • Lighting
  • Fuses
  • Fuse board
  • Circuit breakers for protection
  • Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) for charging
  • Voltage readouts
  • 2 Double USB Chargers
Included in this kit




*Integrated Wiring Loom

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