Bespoke fit for:
Nissan NV 200
Models:(All Years)
Integrated Wiring Loom

North to South Sleeping - 78" Long x 45" Wide 
(Bedding / Cushions not included - available for Collection only)

Fridge/Cooler capacity
Up to 21L thermoelectric cooler / fridge stored inside the kitchen
Recommended compatible fridge here.
Recommended compatible cooler here.

Water Storage
Capacity for 12gal water storage under the sink

Sink & Faucet
Recommended compatible sink here.
Universal faucet hole has been cut, compatible with most models.

Integrated Wiring Loom includes:

  • Switches wiring 
  • Lighting
  • Fuses
  • Fuse board
  • Circuit breakers for protection
  • Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) for charging
  • Voltage readouts
  • 2 Double USB Chargers


We can install your kit for an additional fee of $1250 for small van kits. 
Only available for orders for collection, select option at checkout.

Download Instruction Manual
Included in this kit




*Integrated Wiring Loom

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Hohulin
No building skills? No problem!

I was a man with a desire to get into vanlife, but little building experience or skills, only a few tools, and no shop to speak of. I came across VanLab’s NV 200 conversion kit and it seemed a perfect solution.

I ordered the kit, and in the few weeks it took to arrive I cleaned up and insulated my NV200 in preparation. Once the kit arrived, I set up shop in my garage and started building. A concentrated effort could have had it done in a weekend, but I chose the meticulous route and took it slowly.

I’m old school, so I printed out the instructions, reading and rereading them as I progressed. The kit is so well-designed that the assembly difficulty level is equal to (or less than) putting together a piece of IKEA furniture, but with my experience I took things slowly. Given the simplicity, when I did make a mistake it was no big deal to unscrew whatever I did and put it right.

I was not on my own after the kit arrived; In the few instances I needed clarification on something, Ian provided it promptly.

At the end, I was pleased with the results but kind of sad it was over because it was such fun building it. Having followed my progress, my more-experienced neighbors were also impressed with how it turned out, and at the engineering that made that possible.

Make no mistake, this is a well-designed kit, made with high-quality materials and assembly is well within the skill level of an average Joe or Jane. Based on my experience, I rate it 10/10, highly recommend it.

I love my Nissan NV200 VanLab Conversion!

With the VanLab conversion kit for my Nissan NV200, my van went from a metal "tuna can" to a homey, comfortable traveling and living space. The wood used is top notch and beautiful, but not too heavy. I like too that the kit could be removed if necessary, but still fits tight so it doesn't bounce around when driving the van. Ian and his crew were very helpful in answering my questions and pointing me to a great place to buy the foam for cushions. Thanks, Vanlab!

Thank you Pat! Love seeing the evolution of your build and your converted Nissan NV200 looks amazing! Great pic :) Thanks again for your support. All the best.

LOVE this kit!

Finally a complete kit that is well thought out as well as stylish! We were able to build this in one day and so happy how it came out. We took our first trip to Sedona and there's nothing we would change after that trip. The design is smart and storage was plenty and support is top notch!

Thank you Amara! Really appreciate the support and glad you were able to hit the road right away, love to hear that. :)

Took us a very relaxed week and now we are decorating!

The kit was fun to put together once we got the hang of it. We chipped away at it over the course of a week in a relaxed way. Travis and Ian make an amazing hot line team answering all of our questions with clarity and providing information quickly. The kit is in our white van and it looks very modern and scandi! We have yet to take it out to camp however oddly or, of course, we find our selves hanging out in the van in the garage of a house full of furniture. My mum and her dogs even paid us a visit. Mum liked the ease of hanging out on the benches (now covered with 2 inch foam purchased at a craft shop). The dogs fell asleep. Always a good sign. It is like putting an ikea piece of furniture together in your car. The hardest part is choosing a color scheme for the rest of the decor!

Michael Lim
Solid kit with great design for my NV200

I had VanLab USA install their kit design for my Nissan NV200. It’s a great design and maximizes that space available in the NV200’s Cargo area. The construction and wood used is solid, and the wood isn’t too heavy which is good because it won’t affect the gas mileage. Happy I decided to go with a VanLab kit for my conversion.

Thank you Michael! It was so great to meet you and have you drive all the way down from San Francisco to Simi Valley to collect your kit, we love the extra customizations you have made! Thanks again for being a loyal advocate for our kit! VL.